Code of Ethics

Sporting integrity is based on the acceptance of rules, fairness, equality, respect for others, moral conduct and a sense of what is right.

Violence, breaking the rules, abuse of drugs, lack of fair play and other unethical behaviours are unacceptable to the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Limited.

Scottish Swimming Staff, Board of Directors, Council, Districts, Committees, Members, Clubs and their members agree to:

  • Abide by the principles above.
  • Sign and agree to relevant Codes of Conduct.
  • Set a good example at all times.
  • Follow the spirit of policies as required, e.g. Equity.
  • Abide by and agree to international/national policies and guidelines, e.g. anti-doping, Child Protection Procedures
  • Abusive and Threatening Behaviour policy

The Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Statement can be found here.