Equality & Diversity

Scottish Swimming is fully committed to the principles and practice of equality of opportunity for all. We consider the aquatic disciplines provide “sport for all”.  They can and should be made accessible to everyone, to the greatest extent possible.

The Equaility Framework was launched in 2004 by UK Sport and there are four levels of accreditation: 

  • Foundation
  • Preliminary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each level covers activities within two main areas:

  • Developing our organisation in regards to the culture, policies, procedures and decisions.
  • Developing our services in regards to the programmes, customer service, and Communication.

In 2006 Scottish Swimming was awarded the Foundation Level of the standard and the Preliminary Level in 2009 and went on to attain the Intermediate level in 2012, being the first governing body in Scotland to secure this status.

The Equality Action Plan has been developed to help Scottish Swimming promote, implement and monitor the activities of the governing body and its members in raising the awareness of equality in swimming. 

The action plan sits alongside the current Scottish Swimming Corporate Plan 2015-2021 and reflects the four main areas of operation: Participation, Development, Performance and Services.