Posted: 28 November 2014

Scottish Swimming - Water Polo Chair and Committee Members

Scottish Swimming
Committee will meet 5/6 times per year and
Voluntary Post
Closing date:
12 December 2014
2 years


Technical Officials Co-ordinator

Events Co-ordinator

Finance Co-ordinator



Scottish Swimming is seeking nominations for Water Polo Chair & Committee Members. In line with our company rules nominations are sought every two years for these important positions who will work with Scottish Swimming to take forward the water polo discipline.

As the National Committee for Water Polo in Scotland, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning and implementing national events.
  • Approving national team selection.
  • Calendar planning of events.
  • Producing and monitoring the implementing of a development plan.
  • Producing and monitoring, in line with the development plan, an annual budget.
  • Work with the Editorial Board to maintain and update discipline regulations.

The committee will meet 5/6 times per year and admin support is available from Scottish Swimming to assist with the organisation.  As these meetings are held at the weekend or evenings applicants need to have the flexibility to make themselves available.

These are all voluntary positions and all committee members must be registered with Scottish Swimming; expenses will be met from the Water Polo budget at the standard volunteer rate.The duties of the above posts can be found at the end of this advert.

If you are interested in the post of Chair or Committee Member please submit a cover letter outlining your skills and stating which post you are interested in to Elaine Mackenzie, Director of Services, National Swimming Academy, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA or email to For an informal chat please call on 07713 245734.

Closing Date: For submissions is Friday 12th December 2014

All nominations will go forward to the Scottish Swimming AGM for formal agreement on the 28th February 2015

Role Descriptors:

A3.1.3.6 - Chair

A3. National Discipline / Technical Committees shall have the following responsibilities in addition to those detailed in their Regulations:

a)   Review annually and bring forward for the approval of Company Board amendments to the regulations, for which they have responsibility, or confirm no change is required by 1 November each year, before promulgation of the regulations to the membership.

b)   Submit an Annual Report to the Company by 1 November each year.

c)   Submit their nomination for Chair for the following year, to the Company, by 1 November each year.

d)   Submit to the Company reports as requested by the Company Board.

e)   Submit a proposed budget for their forward programme to the Company Board and be accountable and responsible for the implementation of the agreed programme.

f)    Health and Safety at events they run on behalf of Scottish Swimming.
It is the responsibility of the National Committee to:

i)    Ensure that all participants are made aware of the Health and Safety requirements of the facilities and/or venues used.

ii)    Define any additional Health and Safety requirements specific to their discipline where those defined by the facility and/or venue operator are insufficient to cover their requirements.

iii)   Ensure that all participants are aware of the Health and Safety requirements that apply.


WP10.0 Duties of the Technical Officials Co-ordinator

WP10.1     Establish and improve standards of refereeing and officiating in Scotland.

WP10.2     Formulate regulations for activities within Scotland relating to Water Polo Technical Officials.

WP10.3     Regulate the training/retraining of Water Polo Technical Officials registered with Scottish Swimming for the following categories:-

a)   Referee

b)   Table Official

WP10.4     Arrange written examinations for appropriate categories of officials.

WP10.5     Award certificates of proficiency to officials who satisfy the requirements of the examinations.

WP10.6     Ensure a register of Water Polo Technical Officials is maintained by the Company.

WP10.7     Carry out regular assessments of the performance of registered Water Polo Technical Officials.

WP10.8     Review regularly the FINA Rules relating to Water Polo and the Scottish Swimming Regulations relating to Water Polo Technical Officials, provide interpretation and make proposals for amendments as necessary.

WP10.9     Arrange for the selection, appointment and supervision of Water Polo Technical Officials at National Championships and International events held in Scotland.


WP11.0 Duties of the Event Co-ordinator

WP11.1     Towards the end of each calendar year, prepare and issue a Water Polo Calendar for the following year including dates for conducting each competition as decided by the SWPC.

WP11.2     Organise all national competitions in consultation with the SWPC as set out in WP2.1.1

WP11.3     Ensure competitions are run in accordance with water polo competition rules as defined by FINA and LEN.

WP11.4     Ensure the smooth running of domestic competition throughout Scotland.

WP11.5     Issue clubs and District Water Polo Conveners with invitations to enter all national competitions.

WP11.6     Receive entries for competitions, together with the appropriate entry fees.

WP11.7     Issue clubs with a Fixture List, competition guidelines and report times for matches.


WP12.0 Duties of the Finance Co-ordinator

WP12.1     Control the income of the SWPC.

WP12.2     Control the expenditure of the SWPC.

WP12.3     Prepare a budget, each year, to be agreed by the SWPC and submitted to the Company Board as per Company Articles A3.

WP12.4     Monitor and reconcile the approved budget for the SWPC throughout the year and provide regular reports for the SWPC.

WP12.5     Prepare annual accounts for the SWPC.