Swimming clubs are a real asset to local communities and most depend on an army of proactive volunteers. To raise the profile of your club it is worth highlighting your success and sharing it with as many relevant organisations as you can.

Section 7 of the Club Marketing Toolkit will help you to think of ways of sharing your stories and successes .It's a good idea to keep your content and stories fresh and you could give a small team the responsibility which includes some of the Young Leaders in your club. It can be a great of engaging or re-engaging some of the senior swimmers and can be useful as part of a school project or work experience. It lightens the workload if more people take it on and also helps with succession planning too if committee members change regularly.

We hope that the advice in this toolkit will prove to be useful and help you get started on a journey that promotes your club and helps you achieve some of your goals. For further advice in this area please contact the marketing team at Scottish Swimming at

Good luck marketing your club!