COVID-19 Guidance


On 1st April we have had approval from sportscotland to publish new guidance for clubs and a summary of proposed changes which take effect 5th April. Please find links available to view on this page.

A final approved 'Back to the Water' Routemap is available to view for all, here.

Please note our Pool Operator, Swim School and Community Swimming guidance is still valid as there have been no significant changes to this guidance.

You can also stay engaged with Scottish Swimming with our SS Connect programme, where you can find more information on here.

COVID-19 has impacted us all and this period of lockdown has been some of the most challenging many of us will have ever experienced.  

We have set up this COVID-19 Guidance hub to offer support and advice to our members, clubs and partners as we follow the Scottish Government route map out of lockdown.  We continue to consult with our members and partners on Guidance documents and can only publish this information once it has been approved by sportscotland and the Scottish Government.

The guidance may change and evolve as new advice is published and there may be movement forward or backwards through phases depending on the latest public health information. Please ensure you have the latest version of these documents located at the top of the page. The documents have many embedded links and we recommend you right click on these to open in a new tab and ease your navigation through each document.

While this is overarching guidance local authorities and pool operators may have their own site-specific guidance also.


Scottish Swimming Club Management Back to the Water Guidance (April 26th)

Scottish Swimming Club Training Back to the Water Guidance (April 26th)

Scottish Swimming Competition Management Guidance (April 23rd)

Scottish Swimming Tighinn Comhla Update (April 23rd)

Scottish Swimming Open Water Infographic (April 16th)

Scottish Swimming Open Water Back to the Water Guidance (April 15th)

Scottish Swimming 'Back to the water' Route Map (April 1st)

Scottish Swimming Land Training Back to the Water Guidance (April 1st)

Open Water Health & Safety Risk Assessments Guidelines (24th March)

Scottish Swimming Pool Operators Back to the Water Guidance (December 15th)

Scottish Swimming Competition Guidance Tables (9 February)

Scottish Swimming Return to Competition Overview  (25th January)

Latest Government Restrictions and Impact on Aquatics Sport (5 January)

Updated COVID-19 Travel Guidelines (2 December)

Scottish Swimming Aquatic Participation (Swimming lessons) Guidance (10 November)

Scottish Swimming Aquatic Participation (Community & Instructor-led) Guidance (10 November)

Scottish Swimming Pool Users Back to the Water Guidance (15 December)

Scottish Swimming Technical Officials Back to the Water Guidance (15 December)

Racing Considerations Document 

Scottish Swimming Virtual Meets Support Document

'Aquatic Athletes at University' Guidance Document 

Open Water Risk Assessments 


You can find more information on this page around “Tighinn Comhla 2021". This exciting initiative is described as a National virtual gathering, providing clubs and swimmers with the opportunity to have timed swims, completed in the training environment, included in District and National virtual rankings with regular leaderboards and reports. Please access the documents on this page to find out further details. For all “Tighinn Comhla” Information and Results/Leaderboards, please visit