COVID-19 Guidance


UPDATE - On 4th January 2021, the Scottish Government announced the introduction of further restrictions in Level 4 for mainland Scotland which effectively imposes a full lockdown similar to last March, in order to curtail the spread of the new COVID-19 virus strain. There is a clear message to stay at home and only go out for essential purposes.

Please stay safe  and we will work with sportscotland and provide updates to our guidance documents as quickly as we can. In the meantime, you can stay engaged with Scottish Swimming with our SS Connect programme, where you can find more information on here.

You can find more information on this page around “Tighinn Comhla 2021". This exciting initiative is described as a National virtual gathering, providing clubs and swimmers with the opportunity to have timed swims, completed in the training environment, included in District and National virtual rankings with regular leaderboards and reports. Please access the documents on this page to find out further details. For all “Tighinn Comhla” Information and Results/Leaderboards, please visit

COVID-19 has impacted us all and this period of lockdown has been some of the most challenging many of us will have ever experienced.  

We have set up this COVID-19 Guidance hub to offer support and advice to our members, clubs and partners as we follow the Scottish Government route map out of lockdown.  We continue to consult with our members and partners on Guidance documents and can only publish this information once it has been approved by sportscotland and the Scottish Government.

The guidance may change and evolve as new advice is published and there may be movement forward or backwards through phases depending on the latest public health information. Please ensure you have the latest version of these documents located at the top of the page. The documents have many embedded links and we recommend you right click on these to open in a new tab and ease your navigation through each document.

While this is overarching guidance local authorities and pool operators may have their own site-specific guidance also.


Scottish Swimming Competition Guidance Tables (9 February)

Scottish Swimming Return to Competition Overview - (25th January)

Latest Government Restrictions and Impact on Aquatics Sport (5 January)

Updated COVID-19 Travel Guidelines (2 December) - Phase 3

Racing Considerations Document - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Virtual Meets Support Document - Phase 3

'Aquatic Athletes at University' Guidance Document - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming 'Back to the water' Route Map - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Pool Operators Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Club Management Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (updated 15 December)

Scottish Swimming Club Training Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (updated 15 December)

Scottish Swimming Land Training Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (pdated 15 December)

Scottish Swimming Open Water Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (updated 15 December)

Open Water Risk Assessments - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Aquatic Participation (Swimming lessons) Guidance - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Aquatic Participation (Community & Instructor-led) Guidance - Phase 3

Scottish Swimming Pool Users Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (updated 15 December)

Scottish Swimming Technical Officials Back to the Water Guidance - Phase 3 (updated 15 December)


Please find below a number of statements which we have issued in line with Government advice around the COVID-19 pandemic in chronological order.

27 November 2020: Racing considerations (news article and link)

17 November 2020: #ValueOurSport (news article)

29 October 2020: Holding statement (news article)

8 October 2020: Latest restrictions and what they mean for aquatics sport (news article)

5 October 2020: Six months on (news article)

18 September 2020: Significant step as clubs return #BackToTheWater (news article)

2 September 2020: Scottish Governing Bodies Forum and Executive Group Statement (news article)

31 August 2020: First Steps Back to the Water (news article)

20 August 2020: Joint statement on a return to sport (news article)

20 August 2020: Swimming pools finally given green light to reopen (news article)

17 August 2020: Crucial week for sport in Scotland (news article)

13 August 2020: Action needed now to #saveleisure (news article)

11 August 2020: Emergency funding package needed to save leisure industry (news article)

3 August 2020:  Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport united in drive to reopen facilities (news article)

31st July 2020: Euan Lowe Podcast (video)

30 July 2020: Letter to Scottish Government from SGB CEO Forum

23 July 2020: Sottish Swimming Chief Executive on the first steps back to the water (news article)

9 July 2020: Response to Government announcement moving to Phase Three (news article)

3 July 2020: Back to the Water - first steps (news article)

29 June 2020: Resumption of Performance Sport (news article) and sportscotland guidance documents

26 June 2020: Back to the Water Guidance (news article)

23 June 2020: In response to UK Government Statement (news article)

18 June 2020: Scottish Government announce Phase 2 of route map out of lockdown (news article)

12 June 2020: Updated Statement on Open Water Swimming  (news article) and link to SH20UT guidance document

21 May 2020: Open Water Swimming Statement (news article)

14 May 2020: No imminent return to the pool (news article)

7 May 2020: Lockdown extended (news article)

1 May 2020: LEN confirms cancellation of European Junior Championships (news article)

30 April 2020: Awards Evening 2020 cancelled (news article)

16 April 2020: Scottish Swimming supports Aquatics Community with SS Connect Programme (news article)

14 April 2020:  Scottish Swimming statement on Zoom event (news article)

10 April 2020: Workout Live with National Squad Athletes (news article and booking link)

9 April 2020: Aquatics Community Pool Together (news article)                      

3 April 2020: Scottish Swimming Virtual Learning (news article and booking link)

2 April 2020: European Junior Championships postponed (news article)

30 March 2020: Online-virtual training guidance (news article and document links); Insurance Information-Excluded Activities & Online Safety Notice

25 March 2020: Competition Update (news article)

18 March 2020:  British Swimming Qualifying Window Update (news article)

17 March 2020: British Swimming Coronavirus Update (news article)

17 March 2020:   Scottish Swimming Advise Suspension of all Aquatic Activities (news article)

16 March 2020: In Response to Government Statement made on 16 March 2020 (news article)

14 March 2020: Advice to Clubs (news article)

13 March 2020: National Events Update (news article)

6 March 2020: First Covid-19 related statement from Scottish Swimming (news article)