SwiMark, DiveMark, PoloMark, SynchroMark

Accreditation checklist




Resources Available

Affiliate to SASA

Club affiliates to SASA demonstrating good club management

Meets Scottish Swimming’s Mandatory Areas of Compliance for clubs checked by Regional Team

Affiliation application and process


Azolve membership system with support from services team.


Mandatory Areas of Compliance Flyer


Regional Team Support

Governance Session Delivered to Club by the Regional Team

The Governance workshop outlines ideas for improving club governance and provides templates and examples of Best Practice. 

Workshop delivered to committee members

Regional Team Support

-           Club led by a Licensed Level 2 Teacher/Coach (minimum)

-           Team Manager

Level of certification a lead coach/teacher must hold


Person identified to manage club teams & events; who has attended a Team Manager workshop

Evidence of license via Azolve.



Name of team manager, copy of role descriptor & CPD certificate (Azzolve)

SS Education Calendar


Education & Regional Team Support


Example Role description


Team Manger workshop

Equality Statement



Written policy by the club stating its stand on equal opportunities and to be communicated to the Club.

Copy of equality statement

Example Equality statement


Equality Video


Code of Conducts


Published code of conduct for all coaches, swimmers, parents and volunteers.

Copy of club code of conduct

Example code of conduct


Role descriptions


Description of duties for all members of the club holding specific positions.

Copy of all role descriptors required by the club.

Example of role descriptors


People Development – engaged in SS L&D education


Annual Education Calendar

Agreed education plan in place for coaches and volunteers.

Funding budgeted for by the club for education

Copy of education plan and letter from treasurer confirming funding available

Volunteer Management for Clubs - workshop & resources

SS Education L& D Calendar


Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course

All regulated roles to attend Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course

Recorded via Azolve

Safeguarding & Protecting Children Courses offered Free of Charge for all SASA Members

SS Education L&D Calendar