Affiliation & Governance


Governance Presentation Slides PDF


Club Model Constitution


Club Policies Guidance Notes


Club requirements - Mandatory Areas of Compliance Flyer

Data Protection

Club Briefing Paper of GDPR


Club Template Privacy Notice Wording


Example Privacy Notice for Club Members


Guidance Note for Clubs


Club template Data Processing Agreement Wording

Template Data Processing Clause Wording


Club Template Privacy Notice Wording for Employees


Privacy Notice Employees

Committee Information

AGM Agenda & Minutes Template


Committee Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Actions Template


Confidentiality Statement


Running an effective meeting


SASA Club Complaints Process – Visio Diagram


Club complaints process guidelines


Are you having to manage a complaint


Do you have a complaint?


Complaint application – complainant


Complaint application – respondent


Budget Template


Club Finance Information

Financial Support Guidance for committees (Including Hardship policies)


Financial Support Agreement


Stronger, Sustainable Clubs Funding


Marketing Toolkit


HMRC Presentation PDF


Awards for All Info


Real Time Information Guide ( employment )


Scottish Swimming Club Insurance Certificate


Insurance Information Social Safety


Letter re. Max Age Limit 80


Insured Excluded activities


Perkins Slade Incident Notification Guidelines

Code of Conducts

Athlete Code of Conduct - Appendix 9c


Under 18s Athlete Code of Conduct - Appendix 9c 


Coaches Code of Conduct - Appendix 9a


Officials & Volunteers Code of Conduct - Appendix 9e


Parent & Guardian Code of Conduct - Appendix 9d


Spectator Code of Conduct - 9f


Scottish Swimming Equality Policy


Equality Statement Template


Equality Video Link

Role Descriptors

Role Descriptors for all club roles can be found here.


Parental Involvement Info


Club Volunteer Wanted Form

People Development

Volunteer Management for Clubs PDF Presentations:

Reward & Recognition

Support & Development 

Volunteer Recruitment


Education, Learning & Development