SwiMark+, DiveMark+, PoloMark+, SynchroMark+

Accreditation checklist




Resources Available

Achieve swiMark

Fully met SwiMark criteria

SwiMark evidence saved on Azolve

RSDM Support / Review

Planning Sessions Delivered to Club by the Regional Team

Session 1

Introduces the club development framework, which helps clubs reflect on how they are delivering a quality club environment. Looking to establish vision and culture for the club


Session 2

Using the online club development tool via Azolve to create a club development plan.


Sessions delivered & Regional Team Sign Off

Regional Team Support


Scottish Swimming Club Framework


Azolve online club development tool.



Club Development Plan


A plan that details the development of the Club over the next 1 – 4 years based on the information from the club planning session. To include club framework areas.

Copy of development plan.

Regional Team Support


Scottish Swimming Club Framework


Azolve online club development tool.


People Development


-           Club led by a Licensed Level 2 Teacher/Coach (minimum) or equivalent

-           All Lead Squad Coaches/Teachers licensed

-           Clear recruitment process for club workforce



Level of certification & license a lead coach/teacher must hold


Level of certification & license each coach/teacher must hold


Process to allow recruitment, retention and succession planning of coaches and volunteers at the club. Including an induction process.



Azolve report on creditianals


Induction checklist for workforce


Training Needs Analysis


More info – flow chart of recruitment / succession planning

Volunteer mangement for clubs workshop & resources

Annual Education Calendar


Education & Regional Team Support


Example job/role descriptions


Personal Development Plans for Workforce


Young Volunteer Programme in place

Club has a programme for young aquatic leaders in either technical officiating, coaching, events or admin

Copy of Programme

Certificates/Qualifications of young people

Scottish Swimming Young Volunteer Programme


Regional Team Support

Learn to Swim-Club Transition

Club has an agreed and clear process in place with learn to swim provider

LTS-Club Transition Process Flow


A mechanism for recording and monitoring transition rates from learn to swim provider

Learn to Swim-Club Transition Guide


Regional Team Support

Evidence of Community Partnerships



Club has established links with other clubs; local authorities; aquatic forums; universities & colleges; community sports hubs; active schools.

Attendance at Local Aquatic Forums/Networking Events/District Meetings


Partnership Agreements with local clubs/partners


Club Development Community of Hive

Aquatic Forum Agenda


RSDM Support


Club Development Community on Hive