Wellbeing & Protection Policy: Adults

Scottish Swimming is committed to ensuring every member who takes part in the disciplines of swimming, diving, high diving, artistic swimming and water polo should be able to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment, which promotes inclusion and protects them from harm, poor practice, exploitation, bullying and abuse.  While this policy provides for adult members it is acknowledged that there are certain groups within our adult membership that have higher risk factors.  Scottish Swimming recognises our responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect all members, especially adults at risk from harm, poor practice, exploitation and abuse.

Scottish Swimming is fully committed to a rights-based approach within our sport.  To that end we recognise and implement the general principles of the UN Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities.  Our Wellbeing & Protection Policy also takes into account principles from the Adult Support (Scotland) Act 2007.  Staff and volunteers will work together to embrace difference and diversity and respect the rights of all persons within our sport. 

This document outlines Scottish Swimming's commitment to protecting Adults and encompasses an Adult Protection Policy for all members of Scottish Swimming. A separate Wellbeing & Adult Protection: Children & Young People is also available covering members under the age of 18.

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The Wellbeing & Protection Policy: Adult  policy covers the following: Policy statement, Definition of an “Adult at Risk", Roles and responsibilities in safeguarding, Protecting individuals from Wellbeing concerns/poor practice/abuse, Identifying Abuse, Responding to Concerns, Reporting the Concern, Recording Information, Procedure for managing cases of abuse, poor practice and Referral to Disclosure Scotland.

Safe Recruitment & PVG 


Appx 1  Club Wellbeing & Protection Officer Role Descriptor

Appx 2  Wellbeing & Protection Officer Recruitment Flow Chart

Appx 3  Safe Recruitment Process 

Appx 4  Safe Recruitment Process - Statement for Club

Appx 5  PVG sheme recruitment ( including flow chart ) and Referral for listing 


Best Practice Guidelines for Clubs and Individuals 


Appx 6  Club Policy Statement: Wellbeing & Protection Adults

Appx 7  Anti- Bullying Policy

Appx 8  Acceptable use of Mobile Phones Policy  

Appx 9  Codes of Conduct

             a.  Coaches 

             b.  Teachers  

             c.  Athletes

             d. Parents/Guardians

             e. Volunteers & Technical Officials

             f.  Spectators 

             g. Team Managers


Best Practise Guidelines for Clubs working with Adults, particularly adults at Risk


Appx 10  Adult to Participants ratio

Appx 11  Physical Contact & First Aid - adult sessions

Appx 12  Guidance on Managing 1-on-1 Situations / Lone working - adult sessions

Appx 13  Managing Difficult Behaviours - adult sessions

Appx 14  Overnight trips / Accommodation - adult sessions

Appx 15 Guidance on Digital Technologies Including Communication, Social Media, Photos

              & videos - adult sessions

Appx 16  Guidance on Changing Room Management & Chaperoning - adult sessions


Guidance on Identifying, dealing with & reporting Abuse & Poor practice


Appx 17  Definitions of Poor Practice

Appx 18  Guidelines for Clubs dealing wtih Poor Practice - this can be found in the   

                   Complaints section of our website

Appx 19  Procedure for Running an Investigation & Disciplinary Panels - adult sessions

Appx 20  Flow Chart for Investigative Process 

Appx 21  List of Relevant Legislation - adult sessions




Appx 22  Wellbeing & Protection Officer Nomination Form

Appx 23  Self-Declaration Form & Reference Form 

Appx 24  Activity, Transport Permission form including photo/video

Appx 25  Accident Report Form

Appx 26  Incident / Wellbeing / Adult Protection Report Form