Young Event Co-ordinator

Have you ever wanted to help run a successful event? Our Young Event Co-ordinator Programme enables young members in affiliated clubs to join the Events team in planning, creating and delivering successful events. It is one of the most important and varied roles and relies on excellent organisational skills and attention to detail.

There are a variety of activities that Young Event Co-ordinators get involved in from liaising with volunteers, athletes and coaches to organising the branding, technology and working with suppliers to make sure everything is delivered successfully and on time.

Young Event Co-ordinators will be encouraged and supported to initially attend and help at various events at Club and District level across different aquatic sports within their District.  The range of events and variety of opportunities alongside attendance at planning meetings will give you a unique opportunity to learn from our experienced events staff and inspire you to find your role in helping plan and deliver these events in the future.

“The variety of the Event Co-ordinator role is good because you can do so many different things…I swim in a lot of meets. You never see how it works, so being behind the scenes and knowing that if you do your job right the swim meet goes so much better, makes you feel very important.”

Maisie Pollock, Young Event Co-ordinator

“If you are thinking of volunteering in sport just definitely get out there and do it because it makes a real difference to me and the rest of the athletes….without volunteers events literally would not be able to run.”

Ross Murdoch, Olympic Athlete


During the Young Event Co-ordinator Programme you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and tasks, for example

  • Receive an SCQF qualification in the Benefits of Sport
  • Join event planning meetings
  • Attend feedback and evaluation meetings
  • Shadow Event Managers at an event
  • Marshall at an event
  • Support live streaming at an event
  • Support ticket collection and collecting money
  • Support Front of house at an event
  • Join an STO briefing meeting
  • Support social media
  • Attend different types of events that you are interested in e.g. Swimming, Water Polo, Synchro, Diving, Open Water, Masters


  • Good listener
  • Confident and effective communicator
  • Tactful and discreet
  • Well organised and reliable
  • Approachable and friendly
  • Enthusiastic and a good motivator


You will attend a training day in your District and be assigned a mentor.  This mentor will work with you to design a timetable of events and training opportunities that you would like to attend.   Throughout the season there will be some specific meetings we would like you to attend to ensure you fully understand the detail and planning that goes into running an event.  These dates will be available on the training day and will be regionally dependant.


Each District will take between 3 and 8 young people per year for this supported programme. Each young person will need to complete the online application process.  The District will then select those young people it has capacity to support and mentor.