Young Leader Squad

At Scottish Swimming we love hearing the views and opinions of our younger members and we take pride in the fact that so many of our young members help to motivate others within their club. If you would like to represent the views of fellow members within your club and motivate others to stay in the club why not become a Young Leader and join the Young Leader Squad?

Our Young Leader Squad involves a weekend residential course where you will meet other like-minded young people with a passion for their club and pass on this enthusiasm to younger club members. It’s a fun weekend with lots of positive content around becoming a great Young Leader.

If you are age 13 upwards you are able to apply for the Young Leader Squad and take a lead in supporting members of your club.

“It’s definitely been one of the most important parts of my life. It’s really helped to mould me as a person and I’ve met so many people through it. It’s really just developed me individually and with my confidence.”

Kira Linich, Young Leader Squad

“If you are thinking of volunteering in sport just definitely get out there and do it because it makes a real difference to me and the rest of the athletes….without volunteers events literally would not be able to run.”

Ross Murdoch, Olympic Athlete


  • Be the voice of younger members in your club
  • Act as a contact for all young members
  • Consult with the club’s young members to gather their views
  • Attend club committee meetings to ensure members’ views are taken into account
  • Come up with ideas and activities to motivate club members
  • Run fun activities to make your club fun and keep people attending


  • Approachable and good listener
  • Good communicator with young people and adults
  • Ability to influence and inspire others
  • Motivator
  • Enthusiastic and passionate


Attending a weekend residential where you will receive SCQF qualifications in communication, goal setting and planning.  Then it’s over to you!  Work with your club and committee to implement the ideas and activities you think is right for your club.

We encourage each club from the District to help select and support appropriate young people from their club to attend this programme.  Initially we recommend 1 to 2 young people from each club to attend.  This programme will be limited according to the capacity at the residential weekend.  So if your club would like more than 2 people on the programme please contact your Regional Swimming Development Manager who will hold a waiting list. Otherwise simply sign up and pay for your spot now.  

Residential Weekend Information

SASA North – (5th November – 7th November) Abernethy Outdoor centre, Nethy Bridge:

SASA East – (15th October – 17th October) Courtyard Edinburgh West, 2 Research Avenue South, Edinburgh:

SASA West and Midlands – (19th November – 21st November) Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre, Largs: