Elite artistic swimmers approach their discipline with the grace and poise of a ballet dancer - indeed the sport was originally called Water Ballet.  Competitors use a series of different athletic movements with the added complication of setting their routine to music.  Routines last anywhere from two to five minutes and there four main categories of competition:  solos, duets, teams and combos.  Teams can have up to seven swimmers; combos can have up to ten swimmers.  Competition is open to both men and women, although currently only women compete at Olympic level. 

Two routines are performed in each competition - a "technical" routine which follow prescribed steps; and a "free" routine where swimmers can demonstrate their creativity and choreography. 

At Scottish Swimming, we can help you get started in the sport by locating your nearest club.  Or if you'd like to find out more about the rules and requirements for this elegant discipline, you'll find more here.