Diving is one of the most stunning and alluring aquatic disciplines.  It requires a perfect mix of courage, strength, grace and agility.  Executing the perfect dive takes a few seconds;  reaching the height of your abilities takes much longer.  Here at Scottish Swimming, we're here to help you scale that height, one rung of the ladder at a time.

Competitive diving starts either 1m or 3m from the surface on springboards;  or 5m, 7.5m or 10m from the surface on firmboards (also called platforms).  Each dive is split into three parts - "take off" can either be front facing or back facing;  the "flight" is a combination of up to four different body positions;  the "entry" is the way in which the diver enters the water.  The four body positions are called "straight", "pike", "tuck" and "free". 

Competitions are held at regional, national and international level.  Diving can be undertaken individually, or in "synchronised" pairs". With the high ceilings and deep pools required for diving, competitive diving is centred in regional facilities - Edinburgh,  Dundee, Aberdeen and Ayr.

If you're ready to jump into diving, here at Scottish swimming, we're ready to take that leap with you.