Jim Anderson

Date Of Birth: 14 April 1963
Place Of Birth: St Andrews, Scotland

Discipline: Swimming (freestyle & backstroke)

Inducted to Hall of Fame: 2014

JIM ANDERSON has had a remarkable career in Paralympic Swimming, and one which it is hard to imagine could ever be equalled. Anderson has cerebral palsy and qualified in the S2 category of para swimming. He made his first international appearance at the Barcelona Paralympic Games in 1992, retiring after the London Olympics 20 years later. His career encompassed six Paralympic Games, five IPC World Championships and six IPC European Championships. Jim’s specialist events were Freestyle and Backstroke. At the Paralympics he achieved six Gold medals, nine Silver Medals and two Bronze medals. The highlight was undoubtedly Athens 2004, with four Golds from four events – 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke.  In consequence, he was awarded the BBC Scotland Sports Personality of the Year award that year. In the IPC World Championships he was similarly successful with nine Gold, five Silver and four Bronze medals.


Paralympics, Beijing
200850m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
2008100m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
2008200m Freestyle (S2)Silver
200850m Backstroke (S2)Silver
Paralympics, Athens
200450m Freestyle (S2)Gold
2004100m Freestyle (S2)Gold
2004200m Freestyle (S2)Gold
200450m Backstroke (S2)Gold
Paralympics, Sydney
200050m Freestyle (S2)Silver
2000100m Freestyle (S2)Silver
2000 50m Backstroke (S2)Silver
Paralympics, Atlanta
199650m Freestyle (S2)Silver
1996100m Freestyle (S2)Gold
199650m Backstroke (S2)Gold
Paralympics, Barcelona
199250m Freestyle (S2)Silver
1992100m Freestyle (S2)Silver
199250m Backstroke (S2)Silver
IPC World Championships, Eindhoven
201050m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
201050m Backstroke (S2)Bronze
IPC World Championships, Durban
200650m Freestyle (S2)Gold
2006100m Freestyle (S2)Silver
2006200m Freestyle (S2)Silver
200650m Backstroke (S2)Silver
IPC World Championships, Mara Del Plata
2002100m Freestyle (S2)Gold
2002200m Freestyle (S2)Gold
200250m Freestyle (S2)Silver
200250m Backstroke (S2)Gold
IPC World Championships, Christchruch
1998100m Freestyle (S2)Gold
1998200m Freestyle (S2)Gold
199850m Freestyle (S2)Silver
199850m Backstroke (S2)Gold
IPC World Championships, Valletta
199450m Freestyle (S2)Gold
1994100m Freestyle (S2)Gold
199450m Backstroke (S2)Bronze
IPC European Championships, Berlin
201150m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
2011100m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
201150m Backstroke (S2)Bronze
IPC European Championships, Reykjavik
200950m Freestyle (S2)Gold
200950m Backstroke (S2)Silver
20094x50m Medley Relay (20pts)Silver
2009200m Freestyle (S2)Bronze
IPC European Championships, Stockholm
2001Swimming3 Gold, 1 Silver
IPC European Championships, Braunchweig
1999Swimming4 Gold
IPC European Championships, Badajoz
1997Swimming2 Gold, 1 Silver
IPC European Championships, Perpignan
1995Swimming2 Gold, 1 Silver