About Masters

It 's Social

One of the most exciting aspects of competitive swimming is that it is not just a discipline reserved for the young!  Masters Swimming allows you to compete against your peers in every age group - currently the oldest competitors compete in events for 100-104 year olds.  Age categories start at 25 and are split into five year segments (25-29, 30-34, and so on).

Along with welcoming all ages, masters swimming is inclusive of all abilities and mindful of all motivations.  Better health, better fitness, building friendships and kindling a competitive spirit are just some of the aspects of Masters Swimming that participants enjoy. 

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Perhaps a good way to consider Masters Swimming is that it allows you to approach the sport as if you were a teenager once again - you'll have the ability to reach for the very top of your sport and compete at the highest level against your peers - or you'll be able to participate in a sport that will stay with you throughout your life.