Scottish Masters Swimming in 2021- Looking Ahead

As the uncertainty continues on the roadmap/exit from the pandemic it remains challenging to plan ahead for Masters Swimming events but we can be optimistic with the forecast of potential "Herd Immunity" and the successful roll out of the Vaccination programme. The closure of indoor sports facilities has been a great loss but it looks promising that these will open at the end of April.

There are a hardy number still swimming outdoors and those numbers have grown during this pandemic. It is likely that this increased interest in Open Water swimming will continue and it is hoped that some of the Scottish Swimming Annual events will still be scheduled and most of these now cater for Masters participation


The Calendar of Swimming Events in Scotland would normally have around six events :-

Carlisle - Jan
SCB - Feb
Inverclyde - Sept
Midlands - Oct
Scottish 1500 - Nov
East District - Nov

The challenge for meet organisers is in making a commitment to organise and then to have the risk of future cancellation and potential expense not to mention the extent of work involved. Feedback to date from the organisers of the above events suggests that none of these events are being planned at present.

Consequently, and to give our swimming community something to work toward, we are looking to arrange the Scottish National Masters Short Course Championships in September 2021 and have secured a provisional date of 10/11th Sept at Tollcross, Glasgow.

The programme may have to exclude the Friday afternoon session (800FC and 400IM) and to work a four session event with Friday evening/Sat am/ Sat mid/ Sat late pm session. The intention would be to try to maintain the remainder of the usual individual programme, including the 4 x 50 relays. We also have a provisional booking for Sat evening in Wellshot Hall, adjacent to the Pool, and some form of Awards evening will be considered nearer the time and depending on current Covid advice.

The pool hall at Tollcross is large enough to cater for our normal numbers of participants, even with any ongoing density restrictions, but that adds to the expense hence the omission of a Fri afternoon session. Entries may need to be capped depending on rules prevailing once the meet approaches but there should be a full schedule available.

Entries will open for Scottish Masters swimmers only in the first instance with the entry being opened up three weeks later for all Home Country swimmers. This will all be spelt out in the Meet information which will be issued once the roadmap becomes clearer, but do add these Provisional dates to your Calendar and get back to training as you now have something to target

Open Water
A significant number of Masters swimmers enjoy OW Events and some are even maintaining their swims in these chilly temperatures. The Scottish OW Calendar does provide for Masters participation in most of the events so do look out for the Calendar when published. Most of these usually take place July onward in the year so there should be some of the annual events that will be saved. Dates will be forthcoming via SS website