Open Water Qualifications and Training

Scottish Swimming is intending to introduce education for coaches who are involved or interested in open water swimming. This is a field for which coach education has been in short supply and the Open Water Committee is seeking to address this.

At this stage we are looking to gauge interest in open water coach education, which involves up to 16 hours of practical learning in the classroom, pool and at an open water venue.  The course may require a number of hours of guided online learning. This training will ensure that each coach is insured as an open water coach and there will be a cost associated with the course.

We would be grateful if you could complete the following form via the link below to note your interest at this stage.

This will not require any commitment from you but will allow us to establish if there is a demand  for the training.  We will then follow up with you in due course if you show interest. Our plan would be to run the training in the spring/early season of 2018.


Closing date is December 28.