National League 2021

Scottish Swimming is delighted to invite clubs to take part in the Scottish Swimming National League 2021. About the Scottish Swimming National League 2021 The Scottish Swimming National League has been created to meet the demands and wishes of swimmers and coaches for more team competition. The programme of events has been prepared with mostly short events and relays to create excitement and to be as inclusive as possible.

Entering a Team Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish by “opting in” using the Scottish Swimming membership portal (Go Membership/Azolve) on or before 2pm on 15 October 2021. There is no need to submit team lines when opting in. SS National League 2021 Team Entry League Rounds There will be three rounds: Round 1 – during week ending 31 October 2021 Round 2 – during week ending 28 November 2021 Round 3 – during week ending 19 December 2021 (including the National League Finals on 18 December) Each round will follow the same programme of events. The duration of a round is expected to be approximately two hours excluding any warm-up.

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