Hannah Miley

Place Of Birth: Swindon
Current Coach: Patrick Miley
Back A Rising Star: Hannah Miley

HANNAH MILEY has almost 50 medals from all competitions so far in her career and has long been the darling of Scottish swimming ever since she became Commonwealth Champion in 2010. Now she's one of the more seasoned members of the squad going to the Gold Coast in 2018, and her influence outside of the pool more than matches her ability in the pool as a talented all-round swimmer.

Her other achievements include winning Silver in the 400m Individual Medley event at the World Championships in 2011, and at the most recent meet in 2017 she made the final once again in the 400m Individual Medley. At her home Commonwealth Games in 2014 she narrowly missed out on a medal in the 400m Individual Medley, finishing fourth. And in the London 2012 Olympics she was similarly unlucky but swam brilliantly to the finals of the 200m and 400m Individual Medley. She was part of the relay squad that finished fifth in the 4x200m Freestyle final.

Elsewhere, at the 2016 European Championships in Budapest, Hannah came home with a Silver and a Bronze. She also still holds the British record in the 400m Individual Medley.

For her golden efforts in the pool at Delhi 2010, Hannah won the Scottish Sports Person of the Year in 2010.

Hannah's family are her biggest influence; her dad is also her coach. According to Hannah: "I would not be swimming if it were not for him and I would simply not be as good a swimmer if he was not my coach. All of my family are into swimming and at competitions they are there cheering me on during the day and helping me relax with family movie time at night!"

Hannah's key to success is never to give up, know that everything happens for a reason and always look for a positive in everything.

#ILearnedtoSwim with Hannah Miley

"I learned to swim in Aviemore and my first club was Garioch ASC. It was the local club where I lived in Inverurie, and I took part in council lessons in the same pool Garioch trained in and so I joined from there.

"My earliest memory is of going to council lessons at the local pool in Inverurie. I wasn't a fan of the deep end of the pool! When you're little it's quite daunting. So we started our lessons doing widths. There was a shallow end group, mid pool group and the deep end group. I remember I had been "promoted" to the deep end group and I point blank refused! I was so scared of the deep end that I really didn't want to swim in that section. I eventually overcame that fear though."



British Championships
2019400m IM 4:42.68Bronze
Olympic Games
2016200m Individual Medley2:12.1512th
2016400m Individual Medley4:32.544th
2012200m Individual Medley 2:11.29 7th
2012400m Individual Medley 4:34.17 5th
20124x200m Freestyle Relay5th
20084x200m Freestyle Relay 7:56.169th
2008400m Individual Medley 4:39.44 6th
2008200m Individual Medley 2:12.35 11th
FINA World Championships
2017200m Individual Medley2:11.209th
2017400m Individual Medley4:38.348th
2015200m Butterfly2:09.2114th
2015200m Individual Medley 2:10.195th
2015400m Individual Medley4:34.795th
20154x200m Freestyle Relay7:50.605th
2013400m Individual Medley 4:34.16 5th
2011200m Individual Medley 2:11.36 7th
2011400m Individual Medley 4:34.22 Silver
2009200m Individual Medley 2:09.91 6th
2009400m Individual Medley 4:32.72 4th
Commonwealth Games
2018400m IM4:35.16Silver
2014200m Breaststroke 2:25.404th
2014200m Butterfly 2:09.32 6th
2014400m Freestyle 4:06.21 4th
2014800m Freestyle 8:28.15 5th
2014200m Individual Medley 2:10.74 Bronze
2014400m Individual Medley4:31.76Gold
20144x200m Freestyle Relay 7:59.06 5th
2010200m Breaststroke 2:30.20 7th
2010200m Individual Medley 2:12.905th
2010400m Individual Medley 4:38.83 Gold
20104x200m Freestyle Relay 8:06.85 5th
20104x100m Medley Relay 4:11.53 5th
2006200m Individual Medley 2.17.83 7th
2006400m Individual Medley 4.47.95 4th
European Championships
2018400m Individual Medley4:35.34Bronze
2016200m Butterfly 2:10.56 8th
European Championsips
2016400m Freestyle 4:13.097th
European Championships
2016200m Individual Medley 2:11.84 Bronze
2016400m Individual Medley 4:35.27Silver
20164x200m Freestyle Relay 7:53.974th
2010 200m Individual Medley 2:10.89 Bronze
2010400m Individual Medley 4:33.09 Gold
20104x200m Freestyle Relay 7:55.29 Bronze
2006400m Individual Medley 4:47.51 7th
World SC Championships
2012200m Individual Medley 2:07.12 Bronze
2012400m Individual Medley 4:23.14 Gold
2012800m Freestyle8:16.094th
2008200m Individual Medley 2:08.79 Bronze
2008400m Individual Medley 4:27.27 Silver
European SC Championships
2013400m Individual Medley4:28.564th
2013400m Freestyle4:03.358th
2013800m Freestyle8:19.877th
2012800m Freestyle 8:15.66 Silver
2012200m Individual Medley 2:06.21 Silver
2012400m Individual Medley 4:23.47 Gold
2011200m Individual Medley 2:08.34 Bronze
2011400m Individual Medley 4:26.06 Silver
2011400m Freestyle4:01.465th
2009200m Individual Medley 2:06.96 Bronze
2009400m Individual Medley 4:25.66 Gold
European Junior Championships
2005400m Individual Medley 4.47.47 Silver