Trophy Cabinet Women

Here you will find a list of the trophies awarded at the Scottish Gas National Open Swimming Championships:


  • OWD MacKenzie (100m Butterfly Female)
  • Esso (100m Butterfly Female Junior)
  • Barrs Irn Bru (200m Butterfly Female)
  • 200m Butterfly Female Junior 


  • JM Wainwright (100m Backstroke Female)
  • HP Kuttner (100m Backstroke Female Junior) 
  • Betty McLaren Memorial Cup (200m Backstroke Female)
  • 200m Backstroke Female Junior


  • AD Spence (100m Breaststroke Female)
  • An Tostal Shield (100m Breaststroke Female Junior)
  • AJ McDonald (200m Breaststroke Female)
  • W Cowan (200m Breaststroke Female Junior)


  • 50m Freestyle Female
  • 50m Freestyle Female Junior
  • Baillie Hugh McCulloch (The Robertson Trophy) (100m Freestyle Female)
  • Past Presidents (100m Freestyle Female Junior)
  • Mrs J Campbell (200m Freestyle Female)  
  • Ellen King (200m Freestyle Female Junior)  
  • Dee ASC (400m Freestyle Female)
  • News of the World (400m Freestyle Female Junior) 
  • Dundee Evening Telegraph (800m Freestyle Female)

Individual Medley: 

  • Milk Marketing (200m Individual Medley Female)
  • Elliott Cup (200m Individual Medley Female Junior)
  • Lord Invercairn (400m Individual Medley Female) 
  • Fiona Davis (400m Individual Medley Female Junior)


  • 200m x 4 Freestyle Relay