Whether you are looking for a fun way to get fit, a great way to make new friends, or a sporting discipline that could take you all the way to the Olympics, Water Polo is both challenging and fun. 

Water Polo matches are played in swimming pools with two teams, each with seven players (six outfield player and a goalkeeper) and six substitutes.  The concept is very similar to football - there are goals at each end of the pool and the winner is the team who has scored most by the full time whistle.  Play is divided into quarters, each eight minutes in duration.   Water Polo is a physically demanding game - nobody is allowed to touch the bottom while the game is in play and players can cover around three kilometres in a match.  

In Scotland, teams compete in both league and cup competitions - with events for men, women, mixed Under 18s and mixed Under 16s.  Our national squads compete in European, World, Commonwealth and Olympic events.