Scottish Water Polo Committee Contacts

The role of the Water Polo Committee is to manage and direct all Water Polo related matters associated within Scottish Swimming and to provide input to the direction of Great Britain Water Polo. The scope covers the development, participation and promotion of the sport in Scotland. The committee provide the domestic competitions and promotion of international competitions; are responsible for the development of athletes, officials, coaches and administrators; and are responsible for the preparation, selection and performance of the national teams.



Tom Gebbie 

Club Reps:



Aberdeen WPC

Doris Shum Seward

Dunfermline WPC

Richie Metcalfe

Edinburgh University WPC

Club President


Forth Valley WPC

Lorna Cherrie

Glasgow University WPC

Club President


Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth ASC

Alan Scobie

Menziehill WPC

Andrea Baker

Portobello ASC

Ed Grundy

Ren96 WPC

Steven Burgoyne

Stirling WPC

Fraser Harris

Warrender WPC

Susan Shippey

Western Baths WPC

Ken Fussell

Event Co-ordinator:

Nico Fenu

Technical Officials:

Ali Johnstone

Finance Co-ordinator:

Guy Broadhurst




Vice Chair:

Ross Elder                          

National Team Manager:

Helen Toole          

Scottish Cup Co-ordinator:

Fraser Richardson 

Marketing & Communication:

Julie Malloy

Minute Secretary:

Christine Braban

RSDM, West:

Erin Cummins

Executive Officer:

Melanie Orr