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So you are thinking about becoming a swimming teacher? Teaching people how to swim is one of the most rewarding jobs in the swimming world. It’s also an active and challenging role and many local pools are always on the look out for new staff. It is suitable for mums, dads and guardians as the hours are very flexible

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What is the difference between a swimming teacher and coach?

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We would encourage you to go to a pool and have a chat with current teachers. Most will be happy to tell you about their jobs. Find your nearest pool with the Scottish Swimming Pool Finder below.

The first level of qualification (UKCC Level 1 Teaching Aquatics) focuses how and what to teach. Once completed, teachers are qualified to actively support a more senior qualified or licensed teacherat any level, in the delivery of a pre-prepared lesson. You must be 16+ years of age at the start of the course.

To teach on your own, you will be required to hold a UKCC Level 2 Teaching Aquatics qualification.  This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively plan, prepare, deliver, monitor and evaluate lessons.You must be 17 + years of age before the course begins.

To find a course please visit our Events Calendar ans search under the UKCC Category. 

Typically, initial qualifications cost around £390, but don’t let lack of funds stand in the way. Learners are elligable to apply for SportScotland Subsidy funding for all UKCC courses. They vary according to location but some even pay 100% of the course costs. Please see the Subsidy section of our website for further information on how to apply including application forms and deadlines. 

With the UKCC Level 2 Teaching Aquatics qualification you could work in a learn to swim scheme in a swimming club or leisure centre as swimming teacher (or assistant if you hold UKCC Level 1) to deliver swimming lessons to children and adults. You would help to teach wannabe swimmers how to move and be safe in the water.

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