Scottish Swimming - Swimming Teacher Qualification - Invitation to Tender

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Teachers are the foundation of our sport and critical to the development of swimming so we must continue to provide training and support to allow them to deliver to the highest level.

After consultation with lesson providers, course tutors and organisers, it has been proposed that a modernisation of the current teaching qualification needs to be undertaken.

We are inviting tenders to develop a new Swimming Teaching Qualification (documents on right hand side of this page).

We welcome a collaborative approach whereby a mix of current learning and development expertise along with specific swimming technical knowledge can be brought together to create a qualification fit for the modern day environment.

The relevant tender document and associated additional information are available to download via the links on the right hand side of this page.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday 2nd April 2018.
For further information or enquiries, please contact Alan Reed (Workforce Development Manager) on 07917164644 or