Licensing and Benefits

Scottish Swimming Teacher/Coach Licensing scheme allows employers and clubs to ensure that the staff/volunteers working are:

  • Qualified
  • Insured
  • Adhering to Child Protection processes

The Benefits

  • Provides proof of competence.
  • A summary statement of qualifications.
  • Provides protection for children through PVG & Safeguarding & Protection Children training.
  • Helps to promote high standards for teaching and coaching.
  • Assists employers and clubs in the selection of teachers and coaches.
  • Provides for a separation of qualified and unqualified staff.
  • Acts as a catalyst for implementing change.
  • Commits the holder to uphold the code of ethics in swimming
  • Provides external credibility for the profession and for the governing bodies of swimming.

Making an Application


Please ensure you have the following before starting:

  1. Current Scottish Swimming Membership

  2. A copy of your qualifications

  3. Your child protection certificate (Safeguarding & Protecting Children is preferred)

For help with applying for your licence:

  • Accessing membership record - click here
  • Applying for Teacher/Coach Licence Guidance Documentation - click here
  • Using Azolve to apply for a Teacher/Coach Licence - click here

Contact Us

Please Contact Us if you are experiencing any problems with your submission and we will be happy to help.