Tutor Information

Scottish Swimming is the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) training provider with the licence to deliver aquatics qualifications in Scotland. 

Part of the role of Training Provider includes Scottish Swimming setting the standards for CPD in Scotland and licensing teachers, coaches, and the tutor workforce in Scotland.

Definition of Terms

To avoid ambiguity the following descriptors have been defined:

• Tutor Licence – a permit that allows the holder to tutor Scottish Swimming educational courses.

• Licensing – the process of granting a licence.

• Licensing authority – the organisation issuing the licence.

• Licensee – the holder of a licence.

What is Tutor Licensing?

The tutor licence is in two parts which are:

1. Probationary Licence

2. Full licence

A licence equates to accreditation to practice.  Following the successful completion of the Scottish swimming tutor training programme, candidates will be provided with information which will explain the requirements of the licence and will invite them to apply for a probationary licence.  This will be upgraded to a full licence once they have successfully completed competency assessment, SportScotland PDA and Assessor qualification.

A licence will be valid for a two year period and will be renewable subject to the holder of the initial qualification meeting specific criteria.  The criteria will be based upon accepted best practice.  The licence will require the licensee to keep up to date on appropriate teaching/coaching methods and practices as well as and tutoring and assessing skills.

Benefits of a Tutor Licensing Scheme

The following are a list of benefits for a Tutor licensing scheme:

• Provides proof of competence.

• A summary statement of qualifications and experience.

• Provides some protection for children through membership of the PVG Scheme.

• Promotes and maintains high standards of Tutoring.

• Acts as a catalyst to implementing change.

• External credibility for the profession and for the governing bodies of swimming.

• Part of a regulated and developing career structure.