Aims & Objectives

Early Years

The Early Years Programme has three levels; Adult & Baby, Adult & Toddler and Adult & Child. For more information on the Learn to Swim programme specifically, visit the Early Years page.


Aim: To become water confident and develop core aquatic skills (without adult assistance but with buoyancy aids as required)


  • Introduce complete non-swimmers to the aquatic environment and establish an understanding of safety in and around water
  • Develop and progress water confidence
  • Establish an understanding of basic core aquatic skills
  • Encourage independent movement
  • Develop skills through enjoyment, fun and self-discovery

Swim Skills 1

Aim: To further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without aids


  • Develop confidence and ability to perform a wide range of core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids
  • Develop the basic technique of the strokes
  • Introducing the basic technique of sculling
  • Develop balance and buoyancy through a variety of activities

Swim Skills 2

Aim: To increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique


  • Introduce and progress new core aquatic skills
  • Develop stroke technique to include all four strokes
  • Introduction to diving (pool permitting)
  • Develop awareness and feel for the water through a variety of core aquatic skills

Swim Skills 3

Aim: Introduce more advanced stroke technique and achieve Triple S standard


  • Further develop competency in all four strokes
  • Achieve the Triple S award / Scotland’s Safe Swimmer Award
  • Development of diving
  • Further developing Butterfly and Breaststroke aiming to achieve legal technique

Swim Skills 4

Aim: To improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi aquatic skills/disciplines and basic lifesaving skills


  • To demonstrate competent technique in all four strokes
  • Introduce lifesaving skills and basic aquatic discipline skills
  • To provide basic skills to enable progression in to all aquatic disciplines including life saving

Club Ready Swim

Aim: To improve and maintain stroke technique over distance and develop basic training and race skills producing a swimmer who is Club Ready


  • Advance swimming stamina for all four strokes whilst maintaining technique
  • Improve efficiency in all four strokes
  • To develop turn technique for all four strokes
  • Knowledge and understanding of club training practices