Adult Learn to Swim


Want to Learn to Swim?

Did you miss out on learning to swim as a child, or never really got the opportunity to swim when you were younger?  It’s never too late to learn!  Read on to find out how easy it can be to get started. 

If you're afraid of the water or panic when you think about getting in the pool, don’t worry, beginners’ lessons focus on building confidence in the water.

What do you need?

  • A swimming costume is really all you need. Make sure your swimwear is comfortable and fits properly. 
  • Wearing a pair of goggles is a good idea to avoid getting water in your eyes and to help see where you’re going under water.
  • Change for your locker at the pool
  • Towel/shower toiletries

For most people, swimming is a safe and effective form of exercise. If you’re worried about an existing health condition, see your GP before you start swimming

Where to go

The best place to get started is at your local pool. You’ll find information on classes for different age groups and levels, women-only sessions, timetables and prices. 

Find a local pool in your area with our Pool Finder - please click here or contact your local leisure authority directly. 

Most pools offer adult-only beginners' lessons, which focus on building water confidence and getting you started, these sessions will move on to improving your stroke.   If you’re unsure about starting lessons, ask if you can watch a class or two to get a better idea or ask to speak with one of the teachers.  At most pools you will also be able to book one to one lessons if the group session is not for you.

A 30-minute session of swimming on one or more days a week can make a big difference to your health and make you feel great. Being able to swim will also open up so many opportunities to swim with your family, enjoy the water on holidays or just to enjoy as a new and healthy hobby.

Boost your metabolism.  30 minutes in the pool is the equivalent of 45-60 minutes of land based exercise.

Get your Heart Pumping.  Swim for half an hour every week and see a healthier, happier you.

Reduce Body Fat.  Swim for just 30minutes and burn 200-350 calories.

Get Up and Go!  Just 30 minute of swimming once a week gives a fantastic boost to your energy levels

Be Happy. Get swimming: half an hour in the pool improves mood and may reduce stress and anxiety.

Everyone knows that taking regular exercise will improve health.  If you are honest with yourself, you'll have a pretty good idea of how much improvement your body needs. Whether you haven't moved off the couch in years, are struggling to shift that final few pounds, or are looking for a new or different challenge to keep fit, swimming can help you achieve your goals.

Regular swimming can reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can reduce your risk of having a stroke.  It can help keep your weight under control. And it can boost your mood and brighten your day!

It's also a lifelong skill that could save your life - if you can't swim, it's never too late to learn. Most swimming pools offer lessons to suit all ages and all abilities. There is also a reason that most pools have both a shallow and a deep end - the depth of the pool is related to the depth of your confidence and ability. You'll move along at your pace and when you're ready. Because swimming is with you all of your life, there are classes, activities and competitions open to all age groups - some of our Masters swimmers are nearly 90 years old!

Swimming shapes up remarkably well to other activities in what you can achieve. The Department of Health undertook a study a few years ago that showed a 60kg person (9 stone 4 pounds) burns an average of 240 calories when swimming a slow crawl for thirty minutes. The shapes up pretty well to other activities: you would also burn 240 calories if you played thirty minutes of tennis or cycled 12 miles

Learn to Swim with a friend

It really helps to go swimming with someone of about the same ability as you.  Maybe you have a friend who is in the same position as you?  You can encourage each other to take the plunge, as well as keeping each other motivated.

Other Opportunities

Once you have mastered learning to swim you will be able to move on to adult coached sessions, where you can continue to develop your skills and fitness
The swimming pool is also an opportunity for many other aquatic activities such as aquafit, hydro spinning, diving or training for open water swimming or triathlons.  Learning to swim will introduce you to a whole new world of water-based activities in the pool and beyond. Don't just take our word for it that swimming is a fantastic sport.  You're never too old to learn how to swim!

Find a local pool in your area with our Pool Finder - please click here