Swim Schools/National Framework Deliverers

Swim Schools are defined as 'An organisation, other than a club, that teaches swimming and have staff who would benefit from registering with Scottish Swimming as a Teacher/Coach'.  They can be voluntary (club); public (local authority) or private (company). The difference between a Club and a Swim School is that the Club and its members take part in competitions.  A Swim School is an organisation where the members do not take part in competitions.

Scottish Swimming agreed (at its 2008 AGM) that Swim Schools in Scotland, that wish to have a formal relationship with Scottish Swimming and voting rights at future Scottish Swimming AGMs, can apply to be affiliated to the governing body.  This will enable teachers and coaches (cost £10.00 per person), who may be employed by the Swim School, to apply to become members of Scottish Swimming to get necessary insurance cover, access bursaries and become licensed at no additional cost.

Application process - The cost for applying for a Swim School Affiliation is £300.00, the membership year commences 1st April - 1March.