Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions from our members. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here and we will be happy to help. 

You can also refer to our Member's User Guide for the Online Membership System - please click here 

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Scottish Swimming’s Online Membership System contains all data relating to your club; qualifications you have; which country you represent and links to the rankings system. The online membership system is used by members to transfer clubs or attend events or courses.

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For swimmers - If you are transferring from one first claim club to another you need to go online as a member and apply for a club transfer – the club cannot do the transfer for you. Click here to download a guide on applying for a transfer. 

Once you have applied for the online transfer, you will receive an email confirming that you have started the club transfer process. Both clubs have two weeks to approve this transfer and Scottish Swimming gives the final online approval the next working day. Once the three approvals have been given, you will receive an email confirming you are free to represent your new club with immediate effect.

For non-swimmers – anyone who is a club volunteer, a technical official, or a teacher/coach, simply send an email to detailing your name, date of birth and membership number plus details of the club you are transferring from and to (non-swimmers do not apply for an online club transfer).

When you apply for an online club transfer, each club has to approve the transfer with Scottish Swimming giving the final approval. The swimmer will receive a confirmation email and be free to represent their new club with immediate effect.

Yes. A swimmer can affiliate to more than 1 club in any district but the clubs have to be affiliated to Scottish Swimming. The swimmer must decide which club will be their 1st claim club, which is the club they will normally represent in events. A swimmer cannot compete for a 2nd claim club without written permission from the 1st claim club.  An individual has a right to join additional club(s) in order to participate in an aquatic discipline not provided by their current club(s). 

A swimmer may be a member of one or more affiliated clubs. To add a 2nd claim club, please download Form R5.1.4 and get the required club signatures and forward to the office of Scottish Swimming for processing.  A 2nd claim club cannot be added online.

Non-swimmers do not need to complete a change of club form when adding another club. To have an additional club added to your membership account, please email with your name, date of birth and membership number plus details of the club you want added as a 2nd claim club.

All current members of Scottish Swimming can access their individual SASA membership numbers via the 'Membership Check' link at the top of the home page or by logging into their online profile at 

If you cannot see your membership numbers online:
a) you are no longer a current member with your club.
b) you have ‘opted out’ to appear on Rankings when completing your online membership account. To resolve, please log into your membership account and update 'Opt-Ins'.

This type of membership is called Scottish Non-Residential Membership.

Rule: R4.5.3 A competitor selected to represent Scotland must be either:-

a)   a native of Scotland or    
b)   a person with a Scottish mother or father or               
c)   satisfy either of the following residential criteria: 

(i)      for the Commonwealth Games –
In line with current Commonwealth Games Federation Regulations or Guidelines (see information guide for details)

(ii)     for all other meets – a person who has been resident in Scotland for a minimum of six months in the 12 months prior to the first day of competition.

On how to apply online for Scottish Non-Residential Membership, please go to the main 'Membership' page.