Help and Guidelines for Members

Here you will find a response to the most Frequently Asked Questions surrounding Club Membership. If you still have a query, please don't hesitate to contact us here and we will be happy to help. 

You can also refer to our Member's User Guide for the Online Membership System - please click here 

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If you have a problem with Azolve, membership forms or anything else related to membership please email or use our Contact Us form with the problem or error and a member of the membership team will get back to you.

This form is required for Swimmers (in the water) that want to move club. Non-swimmers do not need to complete a change of club form when moving to another club (Club Volunteers, Teacher/Coach, Technical Officials). Transferring club has to be initiated by a swimmer in the online profile and approved by both clubs. This can be done online or via paper. Nominating a 2nd club has to be done using the paper form.

This form is to assist the smooth transition of swimmers moving between clubs and to ensure there are no outstanding fees or items to be returned between the club and the swimmer.

Once the form has been received by Scottish Swimming and processed as at date of receipt, the swimmer will be able to swim for their new 1st claim club from the 1st of the following month.

All current members of Scottish Swimming can access their individual SASA membership numbers via the 'Membership Check' link at the top of the home page or by logging into their online profile at 

If you cannot see your membership numbers online:

a) you are no longer a current member with your club.
b) you have ‘opted out’ through the Data Protection Policy letter you received.
d) you have ‘opted out’ when completing your membership form or on your online profile

Yes, a swimmer can affiliate to more than 1 club in any district, however the swimmer must decide which club will be their 1st claim club. A swimmer cannot compete for a 2nd claim club without written permission from the 1st claim club.  An individual has a right to join additional club(s) in order to participate in an aquatic discipline not provided by their current club(s).

This is a swimmer who doesn’t reside in Scotland (lives in England/Wales), but would like to swim with Scotland as their Country of International Representation. Certain criteria need to be met– please download the Non residential membership form located under Membership Forms. Please note, a swimmer cannot change Country of International Representation to swim at Scottish National meets and then change back to England to swim at English National meets.