It's Okay Not To Be Okay


Welcome to Scottish Swimming’s Mental Health Hub.

 This is a new page, still in development, which aims to promote awareness and support for mental health, and which will allow us to fulfil our mental health vision:

 “To enhance awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing across Scottish Swimming and provide the opportunity of training to Scottish Swimming staff and members in support of having good mental health."


The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) describe good mental health as being “generally able to think, feel and react in the ways that you need and want to live your life.” 

Scottish Swimming & Mental Health:

Scottish Swimming recognises that taking part in aquatics can have both a positive and negative influence on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Taking part in aquatics can improve a person’s mood, reduce stress, depression and anxiety and for many members creates a sense of belonging within the aquatics community in which they take part.  However it can also contribute to a person’s mental health and wellbeing negatively due to a range of factors. For an athlete this maybe pressure to perform, coping with transition between age group to senior level swimming, balancing both personal and professional commitments or retirement from sport either planned or unplanned. For many there may be pressure to balance sporting commitments with exams, school work, family time or peer pressure. For a coach, or volunteer there may be the competing demands of a volunteer role as well as a professional role or dealing with conflict from athletes and parents. 

Scottish Swimming believes that its staff and members are its most valuable resource and that their wellbeing is vital to effective performance both at work and within the club environment.  To this end, SS is committed to providing, maintaining and promoting a healthy and supportive environment in which to work and take part in aquatics in Scotland. As such we need to ensure we provide a balance between recruiting new members into our sport to reap the positive benefits of our sport.

Education & Training

Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Coaches and Volunteers E-Learning

Scottish Swimming Coaches and Volunteers are encouraged to undertake this e-learning module developed by sportscotland. The module will support coaches and volunteers to:

Expand their knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing

Recognise the impact that sport and physical activity can have on positive mental health and wellbeing

Identify their own mental health and wellbeing priorities

Explore the effects that COVID 19 may have had on them and their participants


Access the training HERE.