Non Residential Membership

Scottish Non Residential Membership


Please click here for the Guidelines to join or renew your Scottish Swimming Non Residential Membership Online.


The membership fee is £45 no matter when you join throughout the year, our membership year runs from the 1st April – 31st March.  When you have applied online please email with proof of Eligibility and Payment.

If you would like to apply for Scottish Swimming Non Residential Membership you have to meet certain Eligibility criteria.  Listed below is the Eligibility Criteria for Scottish Qualification:-

Rule: R4.5.3 A competitor selected to represent Scotland must be either:-

a)   a native of Scotland or    
b)   a person with a Scottish mother or father or               
c)   satisfy either of the following residential criteria: 

(i)      for the Commonwealth Games –
In line with current Commonwealth Games Federation Regulations or Guidelines (see information guide for details)

(ii)     for all other meets – a person who has been resident in Scotland for a minimum of six months in the 12 months prior to the first day of competition

Some Benefits of becoming a Scottish Non Residential Member:- 

  1. Being an Anglo/Non-Residential Scot allows members to qualify for Scottish National Events on qualification and ‘consideration’ times.
  2. Being an Anglo/Non-Residential Scot entitles the non-residential member to compete at Scottish National events and claim Scottish titles and records however the member would not be able to claim English/Welsh National titles or records. 
  3. National Open Events can be entered by all members representing their respective countries and claim titles and records.

Contact a member of the Membership Team on 01786 466520 or if you require any further clarification.