Scottish Non-Residential Membership

Any athlete, eligible to represent Scotland in accordance with Company Rules Section R4.5, who is not a member of a club affiliated to Scottish swimming, who wishes to be recognised as “Scottish” must register with Scottish Swimming.  For the registration to be/remain valid an annual Swimmer membership fee shall be paid and the athlete must be a member of a Club affiliated to FINA 

If you would like to apply for Non-Residential Membership you have to meet certain eligibility criteria in accordance with Rule R4.5.3
(first time applicants only)

R4.5.3  A competitor selected to represent Scotland must be a registered member of Scottish Swimming as per SASA Constitution Sections C3.3 or C3.5 and must be (Information Guide & Governance Documentation):-

a)   For all meets, other than the Commonwealth Games, either
      i)   a native of Scotland                                                      or
      ii)  a person with a Scottish mother or father           or
      iii) a person who has been resident in Scotland for a minimum of 12 months prior to          the first day of competition.
b)   For the Commonwealth Games
      Qualified in line with current Commonwealth Games Federation Regulations or            Guidelines (Constitutional Documents of the Commonwealth Games Federation 2020.pdf (

Some Benefits of becoming a Scottish Non-Residential Member:-

  • Allows you to qualify for Scottish National Events on qualification and ‘consideration’ times
  • You can compete at Scottish National events and claim Scottish titles and records however the member would not be able to claim English/Welsh National titles or records
  • National Open Events can be entered by all members representing their respective countries and claim titles and records

The Scottish Swimming's membership year runs from the 1st April to 31st March.  The membership fee is £45.00 for new members no matter when you join the Association throughout the year.

How to Join
Please click here to view the Just Go Membership Online Guide to join or renew your Non-Residential Membership. 

When you have applied online for non-residential membership, please email the following information:

  • name of the swimmer
  • attach proof of eligibility in PDF form
  • date or proof of BACS payment

For further information or clarification, send an email to