Water Polo - BWMF Cup (2002+)

29 August 2015 to 02 September 2015
Lloret de Mar
Charlene Graham

The following Players have been selected to play in the BWMF Cup (2002+) which is being held in Lloret de Mar from 29 August to 2 September 2015 –


Nick Parsons                      Menzieshill

Harry Gray                          Stirling

Athol Murray                     Stirling

Joshua Muir                       Menzieshill

Jacob Muir                          Menzieshill

Cameron Baigrie               DWPC

Maksim Livingstone        Portobello

Alexander Harris              Stirling

Rory Nesbitt                       DWPC - Captain

James Taylor                      Aberdeen

Alan Macaloney                Stirling

Ellie O'Hagen                      Hamilton

Eva  Sigurdardottir           Warrender


Manager :           Andrea Baker, Menzieshill

Coach :                 Brian Campbell, DWPC

Asst Coach :        Sam Muir, Menzieshill

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