Water Safety Awareness Week

01 June 2015 to 05 June 2015
5 days
Helix Lagoon
Fiona Paterson

In conjunction with Falkirk Community Trust Scottish Swimming are running a summer safety week at the Helix from Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June. The objective of the weeks is to educate and raise awareness of safety in and around the water.

Children from primary schools across the country are being given the chance to learn about the dangers posed by open water and the precautions to take. Drowning is still the third highest cause of accidental death amongst children. Approximately 20 per cent of all drownings are at coastal locations and around a further 62 per cent are at inland waters - rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs.

Scottish Swimming and Falkirk Community Trust recognises swimming in open water such as lakes, rivers, canals and the sea is very different from the pool and that the ability to recognise dangers and a knowledge of water safety is as important as being able to swim.

If schools in your area are interested in attending please ask them to contact watersafetyweek@falkirkcommunitytrust.org  We have a host of school resources from the RNLI and RLSS that we will be able to send out to schools prior to the event. For any further information before registering an interest please contact Fiona Paterson f.paterson@scottishswimming.com or Jayne Smith jayne.smith@scottishswimming.com

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