Club Poolside Helper 018NOV014-Nairn

02 November 2018 to 23 September 2018
Nairn Swimming Pool
IV12 4EA
Jeff Tavendale

  • 14 years on day one of the course
  • Scottish Swimming Membership
  • Member of the Club Running the training

From attending this course you should be able to:


  • Demonstrate to the coach you are able to assist and you know how to appropriately use equipment required. This is inclusive of the set up, safe use and put away and storage arrangements, and includes both personal and general equipment.

  • Demonstrate to the coach you have a knowledge and understanding of the importance of Health & Safety in the aquatic environment. This includes risk identification and management, and awareness of risk at the pool(s) you will be helping at.

  • Demonstrate to the coach you are able to share your knowledge, demonstrate good behaviour and establish expectations of the group.   This should include understanding your role as a helper, how to effectively communicate with participants and have a basic understanding of rules, skills and techniques of swimming.