STO Judge 1 018OCT039 (RTW)

13 October 2018
Clydebank Leisure Centre
G81 1BF
Lorna Smith


Time: 9/30-11.30am

Please note you must have an appropriate time keeper credential.

Group Workshop 1

Initially there will be a Group Workshop which will be taken by the Course Leader.

At this workshop, the Course Leader will go over the workbook in detail explaining how the assessment will be carried out and what will be expected of Candidates during their training period. At this workshop, the Course Leader will also revise the Timekeeper / Chief Timekeeper chapters before concentrating on the notes for the Inspectors of Turns.

Course Leaders shall ensure that the Record of Progress Form on page 5 is fully completed and signed for the Initial Group Workshop in each Candidate’s workbook. Any comments relevant to that Candidate’s progress to date shall also be noted in the comments section.

Poolside Duties

Candidates will then start to complete their Poolside Duties Form on pages 9 and 10.

Initial periods of training will allow the Candidate to consolidate timekeeping skills before progressing onto Inspector of Turns and the British Swimming Disqualification Report and its accurate completion.

This will give Candidates a chance to shadow Inspectors of Turns carrying out their duties, using, where possible, the British Swimming Mentoring scheme. Both Candidates and Mentors shall record how the training period went and how they are progressing, and Candidates shall ensure that they fully understand the action plans if provided.

Group Workshop 2

After the Candidates have gained poolside experience they shall then attend another Group Workshop to go over progress to date and to complete some of the review questions in their workbook. Completion of these questions shall only be done during this workshop. Candidates can practise the questions as much as they like before the workshop but shall not write them into their workbook until the workshop.

The review and writing of Disqualification Reports will be discussed and reviewed to ensure correct reporting of infractions.

At this intermediate workshop, the Course Leader will go over the duties of the Chief Inspector of Turns and Relay Take-off Judge and will complete and sign off the second Group Workshop in each Candidate’s workbook.


Competency Sign-off

When the Candidates have gained additional poolside experience their Poolside Duties Form should be complete with all competencies signed off.


Group Workshop 3

The Candidate shall then meet with their Course Leader to complete the remaining review questions (again do not complete the workbook prior to the meeting). Remember the completion of the workbook should be done by the Candidate in an “independent and autonomous” man


Final Assessment

Upon completion of the workbook and training there will be a final assessment to gain the Judge Level 1 certificate. For the final review, each Candidate should meet with a nominated Referee or other Course Leader on a one to one basis for a review of their training and to assess their suitability for attaining the Judge Level 1 qualification. The assessment will consist of a practical assessment and verbal questioning.

Post Judge 1 Certification

Post Judge Level 1 certification each newly appointed Judge will record the first 15 hours of post course poolside experience to ensure the continued development, progression and education of the  Judge