Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tickets on sale for the 2014 Scottish Gas National Open Swimming Championships

'Those Championships will prove an excellent opportunity for Scottish Swimmers' Forbes Dunlop

Tickets go on sale for the 2014 Scottish Gas National Open Swimming Championships at Glasgow's Tollcross International Swimming Centre in April.

Tickets for Scotland’s premier swimming competition, the Scottish Gas National Open Swimming Championships, held from 3 - 6 April 2014 at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, will be on sale at 9am on Friday 13 December. The event will see Scotland's top swimmers battle it out, not just for a national title, but for the qualification standard needed for next year's Commonwealth Games. Tickets can be bought online at or by phone to 08444 999 990. Prices for individual sessions start from as low as £4 for heats and £6 for finals, and a 10% discount applies if five or more sessions are bought over the phone.

Morning heats start at 8.45 each day, afternoon heats at 13.15 and finals at 17.30. Tickets for morning and afternoon heats are on sale for £5 or £4 for concessions, which apply to people aged 16 and under and 60 and over. Tickets for finals are on sale at £7 or £6 for concessions. Tickets at the event will cost £7/£6 for heats and £10/£9 for finals.

Tickets also go on sale at 9am on Friday 13 December for the British Gas Swimming Championships, which also being held at Tollcross International Swimming Centre from 10 – 15 April. The event will see the biggest names from the world of swimming competing for those vital places on international teams throughout 2014, including the Commonwealth Games. Tickets start from as little as £8 and swimming begins at 9am Tickets for both the British Gas Swimming Championships and the Scottish Gas National Open Championships can be bought at