Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scotland Ladies suffer big defeat to South Africa

South Africa 16  -  Scotland  1  (5-0,4-0,2-1,4-0)

After seeing the men dramatically overcome South Africa to win the bronze medal, it was then the women’s turn to see if they could do the same.

South Africa beat the hosts 23-0 in the group stages so many expected it to be a similar result. But with the home crowd on their side anything could happen.

Unfortunately for Scotland, the home crowd didn’t affect the South Africans who dominated the first half leading 9-0 at the break.

The Scots couldn’t handle South Africa’s high tempo and pressure, Tarryn Schooling was dominating up front for the visitors scoring four of their goals in the first half.

Urged on by the crowd, Scotland finally got on the scoresheet, Julia Mackay scoring a brilliant back hook but any chance of a Scotland revival was soon snuffed out by the visitors as they scored six more in half to win 16-1.

It was a sorry end for Scotland who found a very good South Africa in destructive form. The girls can take great pride in their performance this week.

They will hope that their performance in this week’s tournament will have inspired many to take up the sport in order to improve on their fourth place finish  

Final Score  South Africa  16  - Scotland 1 


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