Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Orkney’s Youngsters can Learn to Swim thanks to Scottish Salmon

"The sponsorship we have received from Scottish Salmon has enabled us to develop quality training and create new and exciting resources...” Sharon Macdonald, Scottish Swimming’s Director of Development

Scottish Salmon’s on-going support of Scottish Swimming’s Early Years Swimming Programme saw Orcadians recently go through a seven-unit qualification to help deliver quality teaching covering the age range from 0-5, including Adult & Child and Preschool Swimming Lessons.

In addition to developing knowledge of the fundamental principles that underpin child development, learners attending the Pickaquoy Centre from 2nd-4th May will also gain practical teaching techniques and games and activities which will enhance learning and development. Thorough feedback and peer evaluation will ensure that Teachers will have the opportunity to develop their skills delivering in an Aquatic Environment.

Scottish Salmon have invested £50,000 over a two year period to help provide more opportunities for parents with young children to take part in swimming for health, fitness and fun. 

The investment has already started to make an impact and has been used to develop and implement Start to Swim, Scottish Swimming’s new early years swimming programme.  Start to Swim aims to introduce swimming and the benefits it provides at the earliest possible stage of a child’s development.  It provides resources and information for parents on how to ensure their baby is introduced to water both at home in the bath and also at the pool providing top tips on how to make their babies first swimming experience a fun and enjoyable one.

Sharon Macdonald, Scottish Swimming’s Director of Development, explains,

“The primary objective of Start to Swim is to introduce babies and young children as early as possible to swimming in a fun, safe environment. This will help to provide them with basic water skills and confidence which in turn will help to lay a foundation for safety around water and continued participation within an aquatic environment.

“The sponsorship we have received from Scottish Salmon has enabled us to develop quality training and create new and exciting resources to help to educate parents about the benefits of taking their babies swimming and ensuring they learn how to swim as they get older We hope that this programme will support and increase the number of parents taking their children swimming and will in the longer term help us to achieve our vision of ensuring every child learns to swim.

“The Scottish Salmon sponsorship has also enabled us to secure a further £10,000 from sportscotland’s Sportsmatch fund.  We are going to use this funding to try and give as many young children as possible an opportunity to experience our new Start to Swim programme.”

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon said,

"We are delighted to be involved with Scottish Swimming and the Start to Swim programme.  Encouraging parents and children to swim is a great way to develop a healthy, active lifestyle . Scottish salmon complements that by providing a delicious way to get plenty of Omega 3s which are vital for good health, whatever your age."

Start to Swim is part of Scottish Swimming’s participation programme ‘Just Add Water’ which aims to get people of all ages swimming for health, fitness and fun. Start to Swim is a training and resource programme made up of three key components: Aqua Natal, Adult and Child and Pre-School, creating a clear pathway, all of which is being supported by Scottish Salmon.

Scottish Swimming’s campaign to ensure that every child can swim is ongoing. For more information on this please go to www.scottishswimming.com/everychildcanswim and follow the official hashtag on the Twitter account @ScottishSwim #everychildcanswim