Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back a Rising Star has Moved!

'Back A Rising Star is a fantastic opportunity' - Forbes Dunlop, CEO, Scottish Swimming

In line with the development of our new website we have moved our Back a Rising Star site and it can now be found here.

Scottish Swimming's "Back a Rising Star" programme allows individuals, community groups and companies to get involved and share in the success of our top athletes.

The programme has helped secure sponsorship from Havelock for Craig Rodgie, who will compete in the Mens 200m Free (S14) for Team Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, starting next week.

Forbes Dunlop, CEO, Scottish Swimming, said: 

'Back A Rising Star is a fantastic opportunity for companies like Havelock to support athletes in their preparation for the Commonwealth Games and other major events'.

'The initiative provides a great opportunity to involve employees in the process, and Havelock has been outstanding in raising funds for Chelsea Lawson, Craig Rodgie and Stefan Hoggan ever since the initial contribution'.

'We would like to see more companies following this example as the support has been crucial for our athletes, and the programme provides a fantastic opportunity get employees behind our sport'.

If you would like to find out more about Back A Rising Star, please contact Markus Stitz