Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eighth Place Finish for Heatly

James Heatly looked as pleased as punch finishing off his Commonwealth Games experience with an excellent 8th place in the 3m Springboard event at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh with a total score of 393.35.

Ranked number 5 going into the final, Heatly showed a little bit of nerves dropping points on his Front 2½ Somersault 1Twist, Piked and Back 2½ Somersault, Piked dives. He then made gains in his final two dives, in particular his Front, 2½ Somersault 2 Twists, Piked, the most difficult in his programme with a 3.4 degree of difficulty.

According to the commentary team and the roar of the crowd this he absolutely nailed and while other divers may have outclassed Heatly in terms of degree of difficulty they did not outclass him in execution.

Following the final Heatly beamed and said,

“This has been an amazing experience diving in my home pool at a home Games. I am so happy right now. OK, I dropped a couple of dives but then I managed to pull myself back up again and I wasn’t far off what I achieved this morning.

“When things don’t go as well as I know they could, I do get frustrated, and while that annoyed me a bit I was really pleased with how I reacted and my overall performance.

When asked about his immediate plans Heatly continued,

“I’m staying on the next couple of days to support Grace (Reid). She has been here supporting me and I’ll be doing the exact same for her. I could hear her over everyone else and it’s been pretty loud tonight. I think she’ll do great.”

When asked about his training partner Heatly said of Reid,

“Grace helps so much, more than she thinks she does. It’s just the two of us who train together so we know each other well, we’re there for each other and know when and how to pick each other up when things aren’t going well. I think to train on your own would be pretty boring and pretty lonely.”

And on the home crowd support, Heatly finished by saying,

“The crowd have been brilliant, I have so much to take away from this event and this experience has set me up really well for the Junior World Championships in Russia in September. I’d like to say thanks to everyone for their support.”

Grace Reid will now start her diving campaign, competing in the 1m Springboard starting on Friday.