Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kerry Buchan Blog: 'Before the Splash'

Kerry Buchan writes...

Stepping off the bus In Melbourne as a wide-eyed 18 year old the excitement of the village expectations was building. All Commonwealth Flags flying high in the sky under the Australian sun light. Moving round the corner to see what looked liked airport security putting my bags through the scanner all i could think about was what was on the other side.

Walking out of the security bay there was a row of houses in front of us along with the massive food hall on our left hand side. The excitement was building and I felt really proud to be walking into a commonwealth games village. Looking around trying to take everything in as we were walking towards the Scotland houses. 

Walking into the House with the rest of the team having just passed Chris hoy outside I felt a couple of emotions, it was rather daunting walking in with a lot of world class older swimmers, but once I realised I was as much a part of the team as they were I felt a lot of pride.

First thing you want to do once you have sorting out all your stuff in your room is explore the a group of us heading off to see everything that was on offer. Food Hall with every kind of food you can think of,athletes room with Xbox's and other games in the middle of the villages very own little shopping centre. Walking around the village that night was very surreal it felt like I was on holiday with my friends just enjoying the surroundings....the thought of racing didn't even enter my head at that point, but the next day was a totally different story.

Waking up that next day my mind thought of racing, trying to picture what the pool would look like, how it would feel to race in front of a big crowd, how I would feel in the actual race. I was getting a little bit nervous thinking about it but excitement was the strongest emotion at this point. We all headed off onto the bus for our first journey to the competition pool, as my Competition music playlist played loudly in my ears I took in the Melbourne sites, there was then a rise in excitement on the bus as we started driving around the Formula 1 track towards the pool.

As I walked into the competition venue that first day I actually had no words this massive stadium stood in front of me and I stood with my mouth open thinking ' I am actually here' the dream I had since I was a little girl was now a reality.