Friday, August 1, 2014

Reid Flies High for Personal Best

Grace Reid smashed her personal best and was less than ten points off a medal in the final of the 1m Springboard at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.

She showed power and control throughout her dive programme and improved enormously on one of her favoured dives, the Front 1½ Somersault 2 Twists, Piked where she scored 58.50, a leap of 13 points from this morning.

Finishing 5th overall with 269.40 points Reid said:

“Someone’s just told me that I was up and down that leader board like a yo-yo but I had no idea. I shut myself away in my little bubble as I like to call it with my headphones on full blast. I created a playlist for Glasgow with Beyonce’s ‘Round the World’ a must in the call room!”

Asked if she was disappointed that she didn’t medal, having been in the silver medal position going into the final round, Reid commented:

“I did not know that, although the crowd were really loud tonight especially towards the end and that got me a little suspicious about where I might be placed on the leader board at that point.  I could even hear them in the call room and it was the nicest feeling; they lifted me up over the boards.

I came into this wanting to get a PB. I’ve surpassed that and got a blooming good PB, so I’m very pleased. Knowing that I was up and down the leader board it doesn’t really matter. I take each dive on its own and I will take a lot of experience and knowledge away from this and know that there are still things that me and my coach Jen (Leeming) need to work on.”

When asked if she needs to increase her degree of difficulty on her last dive, the Back 1½ Somersault, Piked (DD 2.3) she said,

“It’s just the way my list works out that I finish with an easier dive. If I start to feel nervous going into the final round I can relax into the dive. If I went for anything harder then I might not get on so well and get the result I got there.”

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s 3m Springboard event, Reid admitted that she hadn’t been able to put in as much preparation as she would have liked, explaining:

“I’ve had a subluxation of my left shoulder. What that effectively means is that I have two dents either side of my bone, which meant I could move my shoulder, and any fast movement or pressure could have resulted in a potential dislocation.

“I’ve only been able to do more than a basic jump since May. It’s one of those things and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Physio has gone well which is good news.”