Thursday, September 18, 2014

Making a Splash in North Glasgow

Scottish Swimming, in partnership with NG homes sports legacy and Glasgow Life, have been running Preschool and Adult and Child swimming lesson free of charge for residents in the North Glasgow area at Glasgow Club (Springburn).  

This is the third year lessons have been delivered to the community where 90% of the children that attend have never been to a structure lesson, as swimming lessons are not available in Glasgow until Primary seven and there is a lack of affordable opportunities for children in deprived areas to gain experience in the water.

This means that almost 200 children are benefiting from free swimming lessons. Many of the parents advised that they had little or no water confidence and it was for this reason that they want their child to have the opportunity to learn to swim.  Indeed one father said that he himself had a fear of the water after a bad childhood experience and it was for that reason that he felt unable to take his child swimming. But after the 8-week course he now has the confidence and desire to help his child swim.

The project has been popular both with the local community and participants with a number of factors key to its success:

  • engaging with nurseries and parents to reach children that would not otherwise have had the opportunity to learn to swim
  • lessons provided both fun and a focus on water skills and confidence
  • enabling swimming to be free  - parents want their children to participate without financial barriers
  • recruiting young adults from the local area to become instructors through Scottish Swimming’s Swim for Change Programme

Scottish Swimming’s Early Years programme is supported by Scottish Salmon.