Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scotland Junior Water Polo Squad Ready for North Sea Cup

Scotland's Junior Boys and Girls will compete in the inaugural North Sea Cup (or 4 Nations Water Polo) Tournament next month (8-9th November, in Cardiff).

This tournament is an expansion of the Tri-Nations which was re-established in Scotland in 2010. The original competing nations of Scotland, Wales and Ireland will be joined this year by the national teams from Denmark.  

This tournament is another in a busy season for the National Squads at all levels. The Junior Men have recently returned from a tournament in Andorra. With the domestic, national and international calendar filling up it’s an exciting time for Water Polo in Scotland.

We wish all of the players the very best of luck!

The following have been selected to represent Scotland in the North Sea Cup:

Scotland Junior (1997+) Boys

  1. Jamie Heywood, Warrender
  2. Gerard O'Hagan, Hamilton
  3. Ben Parsons, Menzieshill (Captain)
  4. Angus Cameron. Stirling
  5. Clayton Woods, Portobello
  6. Ross Stewart, Dunfermline
  7. Thomas Kane, Croydon
  8. Bailey Forbes, Warrender
  9. Scott Wilson, Warrender
  10. Colin Wood, Aberdeen
  11. James Melville, Dunfermline
  12. Mathew Crighton, Menzieshill
  13. Rueben Bowman, Stirling

Scotland Junior (1997+) Girls :

  1. Gabi Gatherer (Dunfermline) GK
  2. Alison Tate (Dunfermline)
  3. Hannah Milner (Dunfermline)
  4. Carys Hardy (Portobello)
  5. Bethany Livingstone (Portobello)
  6. Caitlin McRobbie (Portobello & Warrender)
  7. Fran Collings (Mid Sussex Marlins)
  8. Hannah Edwards (Menziehill)
  9. Erin Reilly (Hamilton)
  10. Niamh Reilly (Hamilton)
  11. Lauren Dundee (Stirling)
  12. Sara Morrison (Stirling)
  13. Erin Lawson (Falkirk)
  14. Reserves:  Esme McGregor (Portobello), Carla Macaloney (Falkirk)