Monday, October 27, 2014

Scottish Swimming Legal Services - Invitation to Tender


Scottish Swimming is the Governing Body for Swimming, Diving, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo. Swimming is a sport for everyone and we are committed to developing the sport in an inclusive, equitable and fair way.

Our Vision is simple and clear: Everyone can Swim! Our Mission is to inspire our members and partners in the development of aquatics, providing leadership and expert support, resulting in more people taking part and reaching their full potential.

Our Strategic Objectives are:

  • To increase the number of people of all ages and abilities participating in swimming for health, fitness and fun.
  • To support and develop stronger, sustainable clubs that will provide increased and quality opportunities for people to participate at all levels.
  • To enhance the aquatic pathway, ensuring high performance results through effective athlete development and quality coaching.

Scottish Swimming works with and for our members and understands that everything we want to achieve needs to be in partnership with local and national organisations supporting and working with us.


Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Limited (trading as Scottish Swimming) is a company limited by guarantee with no share capital incorporated on the 27 March 2003.  The sole member of the company is Scottish Amateur Swimming Association which in turn is made up of four districts (North, Midlands, East & West).

Scottish Swimming currently has circa 21,500 members who are all part of one of our 160 affiliated clubs. In addition we work with Local Authorities and Trusts across Scotland and with other national organisations such as sportscotland.  

Our main areas of work are teacher and coach education, club development; learn to swim and participation programmes, performances programmes, events and member services.

Scottish Swimming is viewed as one of the leading governing bodies in Scotland with a recent KPMG Audit viewing our corporate governance as “Fit for Purpose”.  The following quote has been provided for inclusion in our new corporate plan:-

“KPMG undertook a governance review of Scottish Swimming in February 2013 as part of the sportscotland development programme.  Recommendations were made to support Scottish Swimming in improving its governance and procedures on its journey towards becoming a ‘World Class’ organisation.  Management have stated their desire to address these recommendations, and their commitment to continuous improvement.”

Legal Advisor Services

Scottish Swimming’s legal requirements can be captured in the main through the following areas.


The governance documentation for the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association and Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Limited can be found on the following link:


In the main these documents are ‘managed’ through an Editorial Board which is responsible for drafting changes to the Governance Documentation and presenting this to Scottish Swimming Board and or Council to be progressed as appropriate. Support and guidance around the Governance Documentation is required on an occasional basis.

The company Board meets five times a year and secretariat support for the Board is required and should be considered as part of any tender submission, as should secretariat support for the AGM. (Please note Board meetings and the AGM normally take place at weekends)

Child protection

Scottish Swimming deals with on average six child protection cases a month. The majority of these cases are dealt with by the professional staff team, however on occasion legal support and guidance is required.


Scottish Swimming deals with on average six complaints a month. The majority of these cases are dealt with by the professional staff team, however on occasion legal support and guidance is required.

Contracts (HR and Partner)

Scottish Swimming has a staff team of 36; it is a relatively stable workforce with good systems, processes and policies in place to aid the management and development of staff. Occasional staffing issues arise and legal advice and support will be required.

Scottish Swimming has a number of partnership agreements, in the main these are between Scottish Swimming and Local Authorities or Trusts or Universities. Scottish Swimming is looking to attract new commercial sponsors to work with and support and guidance would be required to help develop appropriate agreements. 

Other Support Services

Scottish Swimming currently works with the sportscotland expert resource provision which includes legal advice from Harper MacLeod, HR support from Gravitate and Finance Support from BDO. Scottish Swimming would continue to use this support.


The closing date for applications is Monday 10th November 2014 (noon) with the appointment of Scottish Swimming Legal Advisor being ratified at our AGM on 28th February 2015.  Your proposal should be based on a new agreement commencing on the 1 March 2015, for a three year period to be approved annually.


Scottish Swimming would welcome creative proposals which reduce the financial cost of services by offsetting these against promotional opportunities which Scottish Swimming could provide the successful company.


In your proposal you should highlight the following

  • Brief description of your business
  • Approach to the support you will provide
  • Proposed financial agreement / Framework
  • Examples of recent work (preferably in the world of sport)

We care about the environment, and like to share your tender within our team, so please send us everything in a digital format.


We are happy to answer any questions in advance. Please get in touch with Elaine MacKenzie, Director of Services, on email at  or via phone 07713 245734 until 7th November 2014.

How to submit/Closing Date

Please submit your tender in digital format by email to Tracey Steven,, no later than 12noon on Monday 10th November 2014. Shortlisted organisations will be notified no later than Wednesday 12th November 2014 @ 12noon with follow up clarifications complete and a decision made by Monday 17th November 2014.

A copy of this article Invitation to Tender document can be printed/downloaded here