Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New National Framework for Swimming Launched

"Developing and delivering a progressive learn to swim programme is critical for the continued success of aquatics in Scotland." Alan Lynn, National Coach

130 delegates representing over 50 Local Authorities, Leisure Trusts, Swim Schools and Clubs attended a networking event at Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow, where Scottish Swimming launched its new National Swimming Framework for Scotland.

The National Framework is an all-inclusive pathway providing opportunities for everyone to participate in any aquatic discipline they choose at whatever level they aspire to.

The Framework is fully endorsed by National Coach, Alan Lynn, who commented:

"Developing and delivering a progressive learn to swim programme is critical for the continued success of aquatics in Scotland. This new framework develops fundamental aquatic literacy skills before developing stroke technique and proficiency in other water based activities.

“Swimming is a sport for all and a sport for life and adopting this framework will encourage individuals to remain in the sport, whether as a competitor or for the fun, fitness and friendship element, as well as producing new role models on the world stage."

To support this rationale the Scottish Swimming National Framework provides a structure in which Schemes of Work for Learn to Swim lesson programmes can be developed.  This outlines objectives that work with the core philosophy of firstly establishing core aquatic skills prior to attempting to developing efficient stroke technique and later going on to develop a wider range of aquatic competences.

This Framework links to the training of swimming teachers by Scottish Swimming, resources provided by Scottish Swimming to aid the development of core aquatic skills and to the Scottish Swimming Awards Scheme including the Triple S (Scotland Safe Swimmer) Award. This should enable providers to plan, deliver and assess progressive programmes that produce swimmers that are, depending on their ambitions, either ‘club ready’ or ‘ready for lifelong swimming’.

For more information on the new National Framework for Swimming, please contact Fiona Paterson, Participation Development Officer: