Thursday, August 13, 2015

Learn to Swim Framework Provides a Lifetime of Opportunities

“Swimming is a fantastic sport, which can be started just as soon as the parent is confident enough to take their baby along to the pool." Fiona Paterson, Participation Development Officer, Scottish Swimming

Learning to swim is one of the greatest opportunities a parent can offer their child and Scottish Swimming’s new National Framework is a fun, progressive programme for swimming, which will be rolled out in North Lanarkshire, North Ayrshire, Aberdeen and Livingston in August.

The new National Framework highlights the importance of learning to swim at an early an age as possible and showcases the pathway, which encourages the parent and the child to continue in the sport to develop essential life-saving skills, become a strong swimmer while opening up further opportunities in other aquatic disciplines such as diving, synchronised swimming and water polo.

Participation Development Officer of Scottish Swimming, Fiona Paterson, commented on the Programme:

“Swimming is a fantastic sport, which can be started just as soon as the parent is confident enough to take their baby along to the pool. The framework starts with the Early Years Programme and leads onto the Learn to Swim programme which develops the fundamental aquatic skills needed for swimming and other disciplines and will lead onto, depending on their ambitions, becoming ‘Club Ready’ or ‘ready for lifelong participation in aquatics activities."

“With 40% of children still unable to swim by the time they leave primary school we are passionate that this framework is rolled out nationally and that kids get the opportunity to learn to swim as early as possible as this is a vital lifesaving skill.”

These comments are echoed by National Coach, Alan Lynn, who commented:

“Swimming is a sport for all and a sport for life and adopting this framework will encourage individuals to remain in the sport, whether as a competitor or for the fun, fitness and friendship element, as well as producing new role models on the world stage."

North Lanarkshire Leisure, KA Leisure and the Swim Schools connected to Aberdeen ASC and Livingston and District Dolphins will start rolling out the new framework in their areas during August, ahead of the new academic year.

For more information on the new National Framework for Swimming, please contact Fiona Paterson, Participation Development Officer: